The emed® systems are the family of novel platform measurement systems.

All emed® platforms operate with calibrated capacitive

sensors. For easy data transfer the platforms connect

directly to the computer via the USB interface.

The emed®-m and the emed®-x systems are used in a high

sensor resolution mode with a sensor resolution of

4 sensors/cmÇ and, depending on the emed® version, a

frame rate from 50 to 100 Hz. The emed®-x alternatively

operates in a high-speed mode with a sensor resolution of

1 sensor/cmÇ and a frame rate up to 400 Hz.

With a user-de ned reduced sensor area, the platforms

can be scanned with frequencies greater than 800 Hz.

The emed®-x supplies frame-by-frame input and output

signals for synchronization with motion analysis, digital

video and EMG. All emed® platforms bear the CE mark for

calibrated medical device Class 1 with a calibrated pressure

range from 10 kPa to 1.25 MPa.

novel developed speci c scienti c software for pedographic

data collection and analysis for use in combination with all emed® systems.


The pedar® system is an accurate and reliable pressure

distribution measuring system for monitoring local loads

between the foot and the shoe. The pedar® o ers the

ultimate versatility with its multiple standard features and

operating modes. The pedar® can be tethered to a PC via

a ber optic/USB cable. It can also function in a mobile

capacity with its built-in BluetoothTM technology or, as yet

another alternative, the pedar® system’s ˇ ash memory

storage allows data to be collected in any setting and

then downloaded to the computer at a later time. The

pedar® can also be used for long-term load monitoring.

For that application novel has developed the pedoport®

software which fully integrates with the pedar® system